Triaction Cardio Cloud P

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Triaction Cardio Cloud P

We engineered Triaction Cardio Cloud P EX sports bra to give extreme support during your workouts. A light and comfy feel, with fewer seams and a flat closure. So you can just get your sweat on without any worries.

  • Lightly padded sports bra with breathable Cloud Spacer Cups
  • Fewer seams, a higher cut and a comfortable flat closure
  • Soft, padded straps
  • Can be worn as a crossover back
  • Less bust movement during sport

OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, 93.0.3130 Hohenstein HTTI

57% Polyester , 28% Polyamide , 15% Elastane

Item Nr.: 10205923

More than 80% of women wear the wrong bra. But why is that? Many women do not know their own bra size. They do not seek expert advice on having their bra size measured professionally. They continue to wear the same bras after weight loss or weight gain. Not only does this cause potential back problems, most women also no longer feel comfortable in their bra. Are you one of those women who can’t wait to get home to take off their bra? Then it is time for you to seek professional advice to find the right bra.

Quality is also important when choosing your bra. High-quality bras nestle against your body and give your breast the necessary hold and support. When buying a bra, make sure you have the right size and cup for your breast.

The strapless bra. Perfect for off-the-shoulder dresses and tops. Even in summer, for tops with spaghetti straps, the strapless bra cuts a fine figure. Women with a very large bust size will miss the support of straps when wearing the strapless bra. Instead, choose a underwire bra to compensate for this.

The bustier. Ideal for young girls whose breasts are just starting to show, or for women with a small bust size.
When should a woman wear a bustier? If you generally don’t feel comfortable when wearing a bra but you don’t want to go without one, a bustier is the perfect choice. They are especially comfortable for women with small breasts who feel constrained by underwire bras. Have you explored our latest collection? Our new Design for Life bras adapt to every shape yet offer ample flexibility and stability.

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