We believe that every woman deserves to have a well-fitting bra. No digging in and No slipping straps and No leaving marks. Just pure comfort.

To measure at home, discover our Bra size calculator or use our bra fitting guide. Alternatively, you can visit our Triumph Jordan store with one of our bra fitting experts to get your recommended size.

Nonwired Bra

What is an nonwired bra?

It goes without saying that wire doesn’t play a role in nonwired bras. The lingerie does not need any metal. Instead, your breast is gently modelled using high-quality and first-class fabrics. However, this does not mean that you must forego the classic push-up effect. Non-wired bras are a symbol of high-quality comfort. At the same time, these creations are skilfully framed by visual highlights.


For whom is a bra without wire particularly suitable?

Any woman seeking more freedom of movement will be very impressed with a Triumph non-wired bra. The design not only offers maximum freedom of action when subjected to high demands, but also a very strong hold. The myth that these types of bras are only good for a smaller bust size can also be busted.

Thanks to the special Comfort bra without underwire, even large breasts are comfortable in this bra. A non-wired bra in lace or a chic bustier is great as a starter bra for teenagers. A non-wired relief bra is perfect for women with a full-bodied bust. This means that wearing a bra without underwire is no problem for older women.


What positive effect can you expect from a non-wired bra?

The advantages of this collection are obvious. Whether a non-wired bra in large sizes or a non-wired bra for small sizes, every one of these is super comfortable and have no uncomfortable pressure points on your body. Basically instead the fabric hugs your body like a second skin. And you may have to double check that you actually put a bra on in the morning.

The underwear is complemented by a gentle fit. and a good grip just about goes without saying. This also practical all-rounder can also be styled in a variety of ways. The disadvantages, on the other hand, are really limited. If you are looking for opulently pre-shaped cups and also you won’t go wrong with an underwire bra.

The nonwired push up bra

Let’s take a look at the push-up bra first. A non-wired push-up bra ensures a gorgeous cleavage and more volume. This sleek style icon plays a key role under a dress with a low neckline. Its design shapes the breasts and at the same time has that exciting wow effect.

A padded non-wired bra does just as good a job here and the Triumph series Airy Sensation is a real pioneer in this category and the sensational design alone makes women’s hearts beat faster. Soft and light materials such as polyamide, polyester and elastane are what gives this item such a comfortable fit. Breathable properties round off this product to perfection.