wired sports bras


Triumph wired sports bras are extremely comfortable to wear − no matter what sport you are playing − thanks to their modern design and perfect hold. It does not matter if you plan to play tennis or sweat away the hours whilst doing yoga, a wired sports bras from Triumph will properly support you at all times. Do you prefer wearing a sports bra or a sports bustier? Our bras, with their choice of breathable materials and specially developed functional fibres, ensure your body’s temperature is regulated perfectly.

The materials and fibres used in our bras draw any moisture away from the body during your workout. You will feel comfortable in your own skin wearing one of the wired sports bras from Triumph, even when undertaking the most strenuous of sports. Innovative elements and wide straps with gel padding and seamless cups ensure optimal wearing comfort. Buy your sports bustier, sports bra or yoga bra online now. Each bra has been designed to support you during gentle or strenuous exercise.

For gentle sports, like yoga or gymnastics, you could choose a sports bra with a low action level. For extreme sports, such as jogging, you could choose a sports bustier with a high action level. Order the appropriate wired sports bra for you with the right level of hold and support! Do you want to look modern and fashionable in your sports bra and sports lingerie? Then get excited about the modern designs and innovative technology that characterises the Triumph wired sports bra underwear.

You will look distinctive in our range of yoga bras and wired sports bras. Discover what is on offer in the current Triumph sports lingerie collection and start your day right in a new Triumph wired sports bras!


Are you a top athlete? Then discover the Triumph wired sports bra in the official Triumph Online Shop. It does not matter if you like to play tennis or prefer to keep fit doing Pilates, you will enjoy playing any sport in a wired sports bra from Triumph. Our sports bras have a firm hold and are extremely comfortable to wear − this ensures that nothing will go wrong when you play sport.

For yoga fans, we recommend the yoga bra from Triumph, as it has been designed to perfectly fit your body. If you are more interested in cardio, like jogging and cycling, a wired sports bra or sports bustier from the Triaction collection is the perfect choice. It provides good hold and will sit comfortably on your skin.

Discover the new wired sports bra collection now in the official Triumph Online Shop and start your day right.